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Calvin D. James 

Vice President

Mr. Calvin James, Vice President of Island Builders Group. started the company with the owner in 2016 after realizing the impact they could have on clients while being better supports by going to them directly. Calvin drives the organization forward based on over twenty-six (26) years of progressive building and construction industry innovation. Mr. James arrived stateside from Dominica, where he began as a journeyman under his father's tutelage, which he describes as a rich experience: "There is nothing better than learning premium skills from your own father." 

Additionally, due to his father's build, design, and construction influence, Calvin grew naturally into his key role of today, by assimilating the trades through day-to-day experiences among  building design, blueprinting and schematics where he has gotten to  know architects, contractors and even green technicians derived from close associations of his own father's past performance. 


Mr. James learned early-on, quality and premium practices among the build, design, construction industry equates to not only to what you know but also who you know. The ability to understand and work alongside craftspeople at all levels of design through project finish ensures professionalism from day one- to day none. Calvin also a Union carpenter prior to Island Builders Group Inc startup has a diverse history to proffer to today's clientele.


Calvin has a fondness for world travel to locations such as Dubai, where the landscape is rich in architectural design and futurist construction ideals. He believes the past, present and future compliment one another and that the delivery of quality skills and expert craftsmanship within the industry is built on reputation and represent his beliefs. 

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